Author Topic: how set up RSO in ER Mapper?  (Read 7137 times)


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Re: how set up RSO in ER Mapper?
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2011, 11:23:29 PM »
Since you are using RSO, thus I presume it is a 2D rectification. What is your source of GCP? Are they in RSO too? Rather than working in two softwares can I propose for you to work successfully with all the rectifications techniques on one software. Once that works and being validated, it would be much easier to "try and test" on the other software since now you already have a baseline data to work and compare with.



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Re: how set up RSO in ER Mapper?
« Reply #16 on: April 09, 2011, 10:36:55 AM »
my aims of study are produce orthophoto and rectified photo, so it stated that two different software are produced their own output respectively as following...
-Large format - rectified photo(ER Mapper) vs orthophoto(Erdas8.6)
-Small format - rectified photo(ER Mapper) vs orthophoto(Erdas8.6)

Actually my data collection for GCPs are secondary data. i have two different set of GCPs and its source which are:
i) Large format aerial photograph - rapid static (RSO)
ii) Small format aerial photograph (UAV images)- real time kinematic (RSO)
i was failed to borrow any related gps instruments so i oni can proceed the both format aerial photograph with their GCPs. Since there are came from different GPS instrument thus the comparison between large format and small format won't carried out.

i tried to checking both set of GCPs mentioned by picked up a same point from them for verify, unfortunately there r not matched and quite far. therefore, comparison between large format or small format will be execute.

so my purpose oni focus on find out the how many accuracy (RMSE) between orthophoto and rectified photo in the small and large format.

assumption only
for example, small format =+-2.323m, large format = +-0.543m.
this means rectified photo oso can achieved good accuracy and can be applied in mapping as well if use er mapper to proceed data.
as long as we know, erdas is more accurate commercial software for mapping. ( i oso using my reference data to compared, both output are approaching to each other. )

small format can be suggested to applied in the mapping project where does not quire high accuracy.

However, i oso wanna asking abt the price of ER Mapper6.4 and Erdas8.6 in the Malaysia?


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