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Oh, I see. Now I can understand ... Just now I was like this  ::)  ??? , but now I am  8) .. 

Just have to remove duplicates. DuplicateRemover , duplicate features would be removed keeping the first one from the table ... In the transformer's properties , just choose the ID field .

I hope sekarang boleh.  :D


opss,.. ;D.. I think duplicate remover is to remove duplicate record including geometry. But, what i want, the geometry for the same attribute will be merge and become one record. I want it follow landparcel geometry but i have attribute from zoning.  :'(

Thanks.. ;D

Saya tak faham lah. Nanti I cry with you  :'(


--- Quote from: MyGIS on February 14, 2009, 03:30:44 AM ---Saya tak faham lah. Nanti I cry with you  :'(

--- End quote ---

Hi My GIS,

Thanks to you explanation.

Hmm.. selepas beberapa hari nih.. Masalah ni pun selesai.. Xperlu la u cry with me... :D

Thanks.. ::)

I just want to make the thread active !  8)


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