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ArcGIS 8.x / 9.x Core Software / RSO Timbalai, just to confirm
« on: August 29, 2009, 07:41:36 AM »
Salam semua,

helo, i baru baru ni tolong buat conversion bagi my junior, from a WGS84 shapefile to RSO timbalai. so simple procedure cam biasa, Projection>national grid>malaysia>rsotimbalai 1948 meter.

AOI shapefile ni di Kuching Sarawak, i boleh dapat nilai ratus ribu untuk X and ratus ribu untuk Y (ni kali pertama buat BRSO, biasa buat Kertau). Mana tau my junior kasi tau dia ada sat imej lain yang dalam 'BRSO', tapi nilai berjuta (2,000,000 X and 5,000,000 Y) dan dia kata QuickBird Imej tu dah digeoref. 

Nak tau mungkin BRSO kwsn kuching dalam nilai berjuta? i bisa buat RSO kertau tak pernah nampak nilai sebegitu pun. i caya nilai BRSO pun sama kan? kalau ada kawan yang bisa buat kawasan kuching boleh confirm?

Atau mungkin Quickbirdnya dalam Cassini? tapi sarawak ada cassini ke?

Sekian, Selamat buka puasa.

Newbie's GIS / Extracting DEM From SPOT 5 Image
« on: August 08, 2008, 04:42:08 AM »
Hello MyGIS members!!

I just wanna know is there any way to extract DEM from a 2.5m SPOT 5 pan sharped image?

I read from many literature it is normally done with a pair of image. But what if i only have ONE? Can it be done? if yes, what software is out there to do the job? i do not really mind about the accuracy. Just wanna know if it can be done. Thanks.

Thank you. in advance.

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