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ArcGIS model simulation
« on: April 17, 2008, 10:12:05 PM »
Hi all,

i need to do a model simulation for waste facilities for its service area by time series.
"waste facilities" location layer in point
"start operation" in attribute table of waste facilities layer
"lifespan" in attribute table of waste facilities layer
"service area" by buffer according to independent variable e.g. 30km in polygon
"current year" in attribute table as independent variable e.g. 2008 in year

is there any tool that i can use in ArcGIS in order for me to model this data so that when i change the "current year" and "service area" in the attribute table then the display of the waste facilities and service area's buffer will change according to life span compare to start operating date?

facility A; start operation 2000; lifespan 3 years
facility B; start operation 2002; lifespan 5 years
facility C; start operation 2005; lifespan 6 years
facility D; start operation 2006; lifespan 8 years

so when i key in "current year" = 2008 and "service area" = 30km
only facility C and D will be displayed and auto calculate the dissolved buffer service area of 30km.

Even more advance if it can do simulation by year e.g. simulation period = 2000-2010.

any suggestion from anyone for me to do this modeling? or,

any articles or references that i can read for me to get an idea on how to start doing this simulation?


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