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I have a set of points in AutoCAD. Each point has a z value. i have transfer it to shapefile.Eventually it cannot be converted to because of some problem. Z value in CAD file is in text format. How i should do to enable the z value in CAD to be used in ArcScene?
Any comments and suggestions are really appreciated
Best regard.

Hi Rizal,

To get back the annotations from CAD to shapefile, you need to use "Feature manipulation Engine" or ArGIS Interoperability extension (which is by the way the same).

Either software would help you retrieve the annotation layer and convert it shapefile attributes.

Please let me know if you need more guidance.


How to get this extension. I have search into ESRI website and there is no extension available to download. Where i can get it.

Hi Rizal,

Nevermind, the extension is available with your 9.x installer. Forget about that extension, just go to and download the latest FME license - Do not go for the beta version please.

Also please provide me by p.m you university details.



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