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how to convert latitude n longitude coordinate to rso??

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hye..i'm newbie in to convert latitude n longitude coordinate to rso??

Hi there,

Which software are you using?


hye..thanks for ur reply..

i'm using arcview 3.2 and argis 9.1..

my problems are :

1)i have ipoh map and perak land use map...but they both have different coordinate system..ipoh map use rso and perak land use map use cassini..
how to solve it??

2)i have sinkholes coordinate..some in latitude and longitude and some in to convert the coordinate to rso or latitude and longitude??

To people out there, really need ur help

Thanks in advance..


In this case, your are mentioning about another problem which is converting from RSO to Cassini.

As for the WGS84 to RSO, ArcGIS 9.2 supports Kertau and Timbalai very well. This would mean that the conversion from RSO to WGS84 can be done either on the fly or using the ArcToollBox . Cassini is not supported by ArcGIS .

As for the conversion from Cassini to RSO, you can check here . Item "3" of the list would direct you the appropriate link (not sure if the link is still working or not).

If it does not please let me know.

Just remember when making the conversion that you will never get a 100% precise conversion since all the coordinate systems are using general mathematical formulas that generate distortions when the are is too big.

I hope this would help.


- the link for ext malaysia projection didn't work..

-to do the conversion from wgs84 to rso, what tool that i have to use?
 does it mean if i have done the conversion, both 2 map will be in same     allignment?

by the way, thanks for ur reply..really appreciate it..


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