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what is google earth codinate system?how i convert it to malay kertau rso??

Google uses WGS84. If this topic is asked in our previous malaysiagis forum,you could have plenty of additional questions which lead to the followings.
a) Are you trying to do the conversion on the google itself? If you are just taking the coordinate of a certain point in google and applying to your GIS then your GIS system is able to convert coordinate without problem.
b) Coordinate transformation is provided in your GIS software, so are you using a GIS?

Probably you could provide detail of your attempt and problem.


thanks for the reply and sorry for the lack of information.this is my first time joining this website is about my final pproject.i'm trying to create a map using gis software.i'm having trouble because i i'm doing it on my own and my only guides is from the books provided with the software .easier said then done since i have no method is try and's the answer for your question.

a)yes.i'm taking a certain point in google earth and i want to apply it in my gis.
b)if there is a coordinate transfomation in the  gis software, how do i use it?i'm using arcgis 9.2 from esri.

*i hope to seek your assistant ofr my project.

In ArcGIS, used the toolbox where under Data Management Tools there is Projection and Transformation option. For detail software operation of ArcGIS, I may not be able to type everything here.

Hi Adli,

In addition to the above said, I would advice you to use the decimal degrees in Google Earth by choosing from Tools--->Options , int eh dialog box choose 3D view Tab and select the "Decimal Degrees" Radio button.

One way would be to copy your data /points in a comma delimited file as below:

Easting, Norting, Name, Details
101.751,3.15772, Ampang Point, Shopping Center

1. Open ArcCatalog and view your file.
2. Once you have done that, just drag and drop the txt file into ArcMap.
From the TOC, make sure you choose the source tab, right click on the text file and choose "display xy data" (if I am not mistaken)
3. Choose Easting for X and Northing for Y.

This should do the trick.



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