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Looking for data for EMF Emission

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 I am looking for example of EMF Emission data and the way to calculate them.

Thank You

Hi taha5152,

That's very interesting, may I know what is the purpose of your research? are you a Student?


Yes I am a student. Actually the purpose of the data is to learn the ARCGIS software. I need a logic data for the final project of mine to design the EMF Emission for a housing area to find the rate of exposure. I would be very grateful if you can assist in this.

Thank You Very Much   

 ::) let me think, ArcGIS is not the problem, the issue is to get your EMF data, did your lecturer mention where to get the info? Perhaps it is confidential.

You should read this article, very interesting.

Nope, my lecturer has not mention from where to find the information. Thanks for the link its very useful 


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