Author Topic: How can I find where my polygons are overlaping online using FME Server?  (Read 2589 times)


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Hi all,

That was a long title wasn't it  :o?  Let me just catch my breath first.
I have decided to put up one small technical tutorial or article per week just to exercise my finger a bit. Speaking of exercise, this is a small sample that demonstrates the capabilities of FME through FME Server. Imagine that you have one thousand staff that have to use some software a couple of times a week and it is always the same thing they need to do.
In this scenario, let take a group of people who do digitizing jobs and at the end of the day, they need to check if their polygons in one single layer do not overlap. This is one of the topology rules set for the quality control.

Let's say if I have a layers containing polygons and someone messed up with my polygons and they are all intersecting which is not supposed to be the case.

I have highlighted the intersections in the picture below.

You just have to compress the files in one single zip file. in my case, the file name is IntersectSampleZ.shp (make sure you compress all the files not only the .shp file)

Then go to

Log in with the following credentials:

username: builder
password: builder

Under Services; choose: Data Download ---> Topology ---> SelfIntersectinPolygons.fmw then DO NOT CLICK on the run button, instead, click on the "Configure" button as shown below:

This interface will appear:

Click on the browse button and select your zip file:

Click on the upload button to up0load it into the server

Your file is now uploaded as shown on this picture:   

Select your file to be processed on pressing on "Choose Uploaded File" button.

In this case, because we are using a Shapefile, it is not necessary to select all the files. You just have to select the file with .shp only.

Once the data processed, you will be getting the results via email.

Please note that the data is periodically deleted from the server. In this specific case, we have chosen receive the results via email. FME Server will not send you the entire data, but a link to a zip file to be downloaded (smart huh). We could have unchecked the email function here and the results would have been as below:

I have tested this with other data which I have created and the results were good. Check this out:

Try it yourself ! Upload your own data.

I hope you will find this useful for your work.

Good luck.

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