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Building Polygons online using FME Server
« on: August 13, 2011, 04:57:15 AM »
Dear All,

It has been a while since FME Server has been launched by Safe Software. Briefly it is more or less the same thing as FME Desktop except that it runs over the internet / Intranet. Look at the big picture; ROI (Return Of Investment) is huge. With one license you can preset many automated jobs to be run by the staff in you organization without messing up much (I do not mean that the staff always mess up things), but you can do this with one FME Desktop + one FME Server license. I have decided to create setup a small server (sorry about the SLOW server).

Someone asked the question yesterday if FME could build polygons. The answer is yes, you could just use FME Desktop to do that trough the Workbench. However, I will take it one step further doing that using the FME Server. In this case you don't need to own a Desktop license or any software, as long as you have a computer, an OS, a browser and an internet connection (and power supply obviously ;)).

Anyway, in this exercise, I have decided to create an example where people could build polygons online. The data must be in ShapeFile formats. You could just zip the files in one single compressed file, upload it on the server then request FME Server to process the data. Once done, the software will send you an email with the link where you could download the data.

First, log in to the website: . Login using the following credentials:

Username: builder
Password: builder

In the next page, expand everything under Data Download Services

You should have something like this.

Click on the configure button.

In the picture above, I have numbered a couple of things that you need to set:

1. Type in your email address where you want the link to be sent (we do not register the email addresses for any use whatsoever  8))
2. Browse for the compressed ShapeFile in the zip file. Make sure you include all the files otherwize the job would fail.
3. Once the file chosen, make sure you upload it.
4. You must then choose the file to be processed. FME Server is smart enough to check what is inside the zip file, you just have to select the .shp file
5. MAKE SURE you add the extension length. This is the length by which the lines will be extended to make sure lines are closed; specifically in case of what some software call "undershoot". The distance must be in feature units. This parameter is very important since it allows you to close all the gaps. If the gaps are not closed then the software will ignore those lines.

Lastly, just run the application and happy building.

Feedbacks are welcome!!!

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