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How to convert bounding coordinates


 ::) i' am still new in i have problem to convert this  shapefile coordinates..pls help me

From this

road            (in decimal degrees)
                   west  : 109.686580
                   east   : 109.686581
                   north  :  -0.000132
                   south  : -0.000133

                   (in projected or local coordinates)
                   left  :117.949830
                   right : 118.008510
                   top   : 4.450283
                   bottom : 4.349939

to this coordinates

river             (in decimal degrees)
                  west :117.949268
                  east : 118.068604
                  north : 4.450312
                  south : 4.349549

                  (in projected or local coordinates)
                  left  : 917653.613664
                  right : 924155.206293
                  top  : 494378.696356
                  bottom : 483284.504159

Dear Yuyu
I would like to have some clarification on the followings before able to help you on the transformation.
a. We usually denote a 2D point by 2 values i.e. either X,Y or N/S, E/W. However I noted that your road and river coordinates has 4 values.

b. Your projected value also has 4 values, and more difficult to understand (is it top left, top right, bottom left etc?).

c. I also notice that the projected value for road is in Cassini (which state is that? are they in meters? ) while your river projection is in RSO. Where do you get the projected value?



I am a bit confused about what you want to do. You have roads in Cassini and you want to overlay them on topo maps in RSO?
Just to avoid me searching, which state is it?



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