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What is Quantum GIS?

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Hi there,

It has been a while since I have not written anything heavy here, the reason I had to break this silence is QGIS, or Quantum GIS. An open source project which is taking amplitude. With its price (free) and its impressive interface and the capability to read and write many formats such as ShapeFiles and SDE (oh my).
I must admit that there is a resemblance with ArcGIS interface (I may be paranoid) but it is and easy interface to go your way about.
Just try download it and install it. I find it a good alternative for non free software in a big company with small digitizing environments.

As soon I have some free time, I would certainly explore more on this software as soon as I have some free time.

Try it on! it's free

Good luck!

Dear All,

Visit "Komuniti Quantum GIS Malaysia" at and share your experience.

That is very good, we could perhaps also exchange links and also share experience with everyone.

The latest version now is 1.7. Get it here

QGIS MALAYSIA ;D at hopes to be the blog centre promoting a QGIS community in Malaysia so you got to zoom that way to find out more about QGIS and what it can do ;)


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