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how set up RSO in ER Mapper?

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i am final year student from utm. My final year project is regarding of photogrammetry field and  one of the software where i using was ER Mapper for proceed my data. The projection needed must in RSO, so what information should added or typing into the gdt_data, datum.sp and project.dat in c:ERMapper\gdt_data...

i oni can proceed data in cassini projection now since i have those particular info inside gdt_data, datum.sp and project.dat in c:ERMapper\Gdt_data. 

Hi ykuan87,

I have never used ER Mapper, however as plan B, if you are totally lost, I know that FME supports ER Mapper format, so this would be helpful to convert from one coordinate system to another. It supports ER Mapper ERS and ER Mapper ECW formats .

I am not sure if this answer would help you or not.


actually i have found the kertau as the geodetic datum , but i duno wat geodetic projection i need 2 put on.

Hi there,

I missed out one information. Are you re-projecting to Cassini or RSO? If Cassini, which state is it?


if doing in cassini, the state is johor.
however, i knew the parameter that needed to add into the file.

but my problem is i ned RSO projection type...i think the geodetic datum ned to put KERTAU. but the map projection i reli not sure.


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