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Spatial distribution on Kuala Lumpur map

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Hey all! I was assigned to do spatial distribution on the impurities level of the drinking water around Kuala Lumpur. I have the software (ArcGIS 9.3) and the long & latitude coordinates for the locations of each sampling point. Can anyone guide me on how to get the Kuala Lumpur map? And how should I really start it. I just installed the software and have no idea about it.

My supervisor would like to have something like in the picture attached. Please help!

Hi there,

Have you thought of using the Spatial thoughtsyst Extension to create the contours? This would be enough for you to get that done.


Thanks for the reply

I have google the information on GIS contour and I found a tutorial for it. But I am stuck in the coordinate system to set your own coordinate. It says "Predefined > Projected Coordinate Systems > UTM > NAD 1927 > NAD 1927 UTM Zone 13N"

How bout Kuala Lumpur map? The main objective is to create Kuala Lumpur map and do the distribution on the it base on the level of concentration. Pls help. Thanks


Your are using NAD? North American Datum? Oops  :o

Never mind, we all went to that. How did you get your data? Is it from a GPS? Can you put in here one sample point? Just to check what kind of coordinates you have.


Thanks again!

I have no idea what is NAD. That was actually based on the tutorial that I have googled bout "GIS contour map tutorial".

I do not really know how to start it so decided to follow the steps but stuck there.

Ya. From GPS. One of the sampling point coordinate is N03o08.748' & E101o37.927'


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