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looking for rectification open source software...


i was spend lots of times to searching this particular software for long time.  Any good any software can suggest for me?
i am looking for the gis open source software where can rectify image in the mapping same as the ER Mapper (rectification).

Due to my thesis requirement, i need to find the free 1 (open source software) to compare with the commercial software. Thus to prove this particular open source software able to acquire similar output if compare with ER Mapper.

**actually i was found the ElshayalSmart gis open source software, but the problem is only two rectify points can be determine only.

so i am blur and feel helpless....

HI there,

Have you checked out Ilwis software ? I am not much of remote sensing specialist, but I guess this would give you a mouth full to work on.

In addition should have some valuable information ...

Happy new year!

i haven't find this website, but at least i can acquire some related information from this. thanks:-)
Actually my thesis is about photogrammetry field. So i wil using aerial photograph and UAV images to apply into the software. Generally the remote sensing software works more on ortho-rectification method by using the satellite images as the data. so i stil quite worried whether can find this software...


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