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What is the latest system in Data Management???

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Hi, i`m new member here, and i`m also a GIS student...

I do the training right now n my company give task me to search the latest system in data management related with GIS...

so i hope U all can help me to find it... Thanks ;)

Hi there and welcome.  8)
May I know what kind of data do you want to manage and what software are you using? i.e. MapInfo, ESRI ...


thanks for reply me... :D

data like water catchment, landuse and all data related with it... ArcGIS 9.3 is the software i use...


DO you mean that you have all those data in hand? Or are you looking for the data?

I do not mean I have all those data. I just find examples of systems that can manage that data. Maybe this system already used in others country...


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