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Actually I want to know about new topic in GIS that U can provided me for my thesis topic....

what r u doing? Master, PhD? What area? Huhhhh too many incomplete info for us to suggest.

i wish to do Master... any suggestion topic i can do those related to GIS? besides, is there anywhere in malaysia can learn or undergo training for GIS? i wish to learn more about GIS and gain more knowledge


As Noordin said, you must give more information in order to guide you better.

Usually, if you are doing a master and would like to apply GIS, you would need look into your background and see if you can use GIS.

If not, then you would be searching for something more adequate.

Having said so, as long as no further information is given, it would be pointless to comment.


so, is there any place in Malaysia offer GIS courses or training programme? e.g College, company, university and others. Short term programme, Master Programme, single course programme also will do.


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