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Setting up my datum on garmin mobile..


hi there..

1st of all,thanks to mygis for inviting me to this website.. ;D ;D
it kinda useful website to me..
well..ill go straight to my point..

i usually use gps device (model GPSmap76CSx) to track down location from PA (refer with JUPEM)..
but now i bought a pda phone (Omnia) which had a gps and i already installed garmin mobile..currently my garmin mobile xt version is 5.00.20wp..
but the prob is,i cannot set my datum to kertau..
is it possible to set it to kertau?..
do u have any solution for this?..
your help is very useful to me bcoz im newbie for this stuff..

Thanks a lot for those who trying to help me..

ps/ : sorry for the broken english

Hi Nazmi,

Thanks for joining us.

FYI, your OMNIA will never give you the data in Kertau as it is not meant for this kind of work. Your phone is using NMEA protocol which is set only to WGS84.

You have several ways to do the conversion. One way I could think of is using the mpsource software that comes with the 76 CSx then enter the data in Lat-Long, then change the coordinate system of mapsource into Kertau.

May I know which GIS software are you using?


thanks again for the reply..

currently im using mapsource..but im not very fimiliar with
coz im not using it everyday like im using autocad n mapinfo..

yeah,this omnia not meant for doing work like this but its really useful device if it can function like my 76CSx..
tired to bring along the 76CSx due to its size..
like wanna to take reading on TNB or Water

i already do my little research and found out that garmin mobile xt can be set the datum to kertau..
but it come with version 5.00.40..
and this version only avaiable for symbian s60 3rd,mostly for nokia..

several conversion?..
so i need to convert from cassini system to RSO?..
and put the data to garmin mobile?..
example,garmin->where to->coordinates->set up WR and WMR?..


First you need to access the preference Tab in MapSource

then use the position tab to change the Coordinate Systems to Kertau 1948 if you are in peneinsular or Timbalai if you are in Sabah/Serawak.

Hope this would help.


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