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im developing a system using mapinfo and vb6, i've installed the system at server. how can i secure the data to prevent clients editing the data?

Hi dhot501,

I am not a big user of MapInfo, I do not think that The MIF or TAB file can be set with a password. Just wondering about your application, does it have to be portable with the data distributed together?


hi dhot501..

im kinda interested with your idea combining vb6 with mapinfo..
coz i using mapinfo and autocad everyday..
But do the vb6 is good enough to protect your data?..
may i ask u? many user n userlevel for your system?..
currently im trying to combined it with ASP and Coldfushion but got a little prob with trying to fix it..
my opinion is better using webform interface than vb6..
more secured is guess..
i tried prototype it b4 using vb6 but when it comes to security,ouch..
failed..combining vb6+ms access+mapinfo is failure for me..
not a good programmer is guess..

maybe im oot your topic but its ok to share opinion..
sharing is caring lor..
 ;D ;D


Thanks for your idea.

but i using vb6 just for intranet application not for publish to the internet. my user is around 20 users and 2 userlevel (Admin and Technical).


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