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RSO Timbalai, just to confirm

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--- Quote from: lanvin on September 01, 2009, 09:25:38 PM ---thank you mod for helping. Means just type in 2,000,000 in east and 5,000,000 in north at the colume of false easting and northing?

Does it mean the sarawak system is offseting the original coor to +2milE and +5milN? if i have  apoint coordinate said X=1, Y=1 then the result will be E=2,000,001 and N= 5,000,001?

If so, does we still name this offset as BRSO? or is there a new name for it? since the state gis user said it's BRSO, but BRSO (as of arcgis) is not refering to the same coordinate. Can anyone help me? thanks.

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Yeap, I think its safe to Type the 2M and 5M in the box.

In Sarawak, its still called BRSO.  As I mentioned earlier, its just to avoid negative RSO values in the western region of Sarawak near Sematan

im try to convert latitude and longitude to RSO but i don't know how its...
what software you used? I try download argis 9.1 but occurred some error. I don't know why..Could you give me the direct link to download the software.. Hope u can help.. thanks

Hello Ingintahu,

1. May I know which software are you using now?
2. I don't think you can download ArcGIS demo from . I believe you need to request for a demo CD from ESRI Malaysia or the ESRI distributor where ever you are.
3. Are you a student? If yes, which university?


Thanks for your reply.. im student UTM..for final year project.. So i try make conversion  latitude n longitude to RSO Timbalai and Kertau..I need to make a framework of mapping. I already ask from Jupen and they give me the parameter.. But i dont know how to do it with the parameter..About the software, i need to know which software can be used to done it... Cold you tell me the procedure to get the demo CD from ESRI Malaysia.. Thanks


Usually all the parameters would have been included already in the software. All ESRI, MapInfo and Safe Software products can do the conversion from RSO to WGS84 .
As for the CD, I am not sure what is the procedure, you can call ESRI Malaysia at 03-78749930 .
If you are a student, you can get a grant license from Safe Software, just download the software from, than I can help you getting the 1 year grant. Just pm me if you are interested.



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