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Is Google Earth (aka GE) Really the reference?



on today's newspaper (thestar), I came out something really intriguing, the journalist who wrote an article regarding the capture of a certain militant and its hideout ...

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Monday May 11, 2009
Kampung hideout

EXCLUSIVE: Fugitive militant <"deleted by MyGIS"> found the perfect spot to hide - a secluded village in Johor unmarked on any map, not even Google Earth. According to some of villagers.....

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Since when is Google Earth a good reference? FYI, Google Earth takes information from readily available data from the Malaysian market. How would you like them to to put in the name of a village which has no name by its villagers even? 

Google Earth is not the source of maps in the world. It is compiling data from various sources and putting them together. Malaysia is lucky to have many third party maps providers, but in some other countries, Google Earth's contents or details is very shallow.

I personally enjoy using Google Maps on my mobile phone, however many new roads are not available (as per 10th May 2009) such as the newly opened DUKE highway .

Please do not mislead people.


Stupid reporter! ::)

Hi all,

I just came accrosse this article as well. These reporter don't have any knowledge about this GIS industry. Silly comment from this reporter.



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