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My company manage highways. I am looking for proposal/quotation preferably from freelancers to do a GIS project.

This GIS project main objective is to encourage users to use my highway. So, the requirement is to create a web based system ( accessible thru computers and mobile apps ) that display the satellite image and alignment of my highways. users can click their from location and to location. this gis app will display the route as a shortest time, shortest distance etc. but routes using my highway will be the main option for the users.

besides routes, it will also display places, important buildings and other significant object along or nearby my highways.

as further enhancement, hotel or other commercial premise can buy space in the app so that they can put their location in the map for advertisement.

anyone ?

I'm interested to know more about the project. Please email me your contact information and maybe we can meet to discuss further about this.

Interesting.. can u mail to me the project details (TOR).

we are specialize in developing this kind application. please email me the project details.

thanks for those who are interested for this project.
you may email( or PM me a brief info on your experience on such project.

I hope you understand that the details cannot be openly discussed here.

Thanks again.


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