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Call .fmw using VB 6.0

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May i know how to call *.fmw extension through command button in Visual Basic 6.0. So, when i click command button, *.fmw will be appear. ???
Like we call *.doc.  :o
Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim objWord As Word.Application
' this would be faster with a "with objWord" but for clarity I use the explicit

Set objWord = New Word.Application
objWord.Visible = True
objWord.Documents.Open "c:\fmehelp.doc", , , True

End Sub

Thanks. ;D


May I know what you are trying to achieve?

p.s.: It is about time that you upgrade yourself to .net environment. you would be surprised of the stuff you can do. Just download Visual Studio .net Express, it is free ... from VB 6.0 , you missed 2003, and 2005. the latest is 2008 ...


Details pls ???

Aku rasa ko nak buat app FME kan? Cuba tgk kat directory

C:\Program Files\FME\fmeobjects

atau baca dulu "doc" kat

C:\Program Files\FME\fmeobjects\doc

Sample coding pun byk kat directory tu (macam-macam ada  ;D ..ko pilih la sample code based on ko punya terer language mana, and kesesuaian lain) ... & aku sokong MyGIS!  ;D VB 6 ni dah lapuk, ko patut pakai version VS terbaru e.g. VS.NET 2008.

Hi All,

Actually, saya nak buat interface dan application untuk FME. Saya tgk FME object xboleh nak customize FME workbench ni. But, saya tak sure sama ada FME Plug-In SDK boleh tak digunakan sebab saya takde menda tuh..

I admit that VB 6.0 dah lapuk.. hehehhe.. :-X.But since i have familiar with VB 6.0 saya try buat guna VB 6.0 and move slowly to VB 2008. huhuh.. I need times to learn all of this.. ???


One question first ...

is all you data 100% the same? ! ?


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