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decimal degree to meter


Hi all,

I have a topo map with the RSO projection but the x and y coordinate was in degree minutes (decimal degree).

If i want to georeference this map in meter, how to convert that coordinate (decimal degree) to meter to match with the RSO projection of this map.

Hi Croco,

If you already have some shapefiles in RSO and the map is scanned ... and ... you have references from the map available on your shapefile. Than the answer is ArcGIS and the Geo-referencing tools (toolbar).

This would help you geo-reference by translating, skewing or scaling you paper map . At the same time, you would not have to worry about the conversion from Decimal degree into meters, the software would do that for you  ;D .

Also just in case, please make sure you set the coordinate systems of the data frame to Malaysia RSO Meter.

I hope this would help .


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