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Difference in AV3 and AV9 extensions


Hi ,

I did not use Arcview extensions for many years and also i need now to make a choice between arcview 3.x or 9.x, is there any big difference in spatial thoughtsyst?


Hi v_too, welcome at mygis.

Saya pun guna 3.x dulu selapas itu saya dah tukar ke 9.x (bukan saya lah, kita punya universiti) sebab 9.x is more up to date. to tell the truth ... kalau ikut tknologi, tiada apa2 besa dari segi extension, so don't be afriad to use 9.x becoz the technologi is better and also much newr. All the nterms for extensions d same.

Which project are you on kalau you boleh share sedikit?



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