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Please also put in SuperGeo GIS since there a few gov department using this software. Very healthy comparison i think.

Hi nin,

Sure, could you please point us to more details so I could workout the things?



--- Quote ---nin, I hope you don't mind, I have separated your previous question to make it more obvious to see  :D
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Yeah sure, TQ. For info detail about this product, Please log on to this website

SuperGIS GIS software products line is a collection of total GIS solution and offers users a complete platform to implement GIS applications. SuperGIS software products line is comprised with two major components—client side products and server side products. For client side products, SuperPad—Mobile GIS solution, SuperGIS—Desktop GIS, SuperGIS Engine—Developer GIS, and SuperGIS Explorer—GIS Thin Client are the key elements for users to process GIS data on the workstations. As for server side products, SuperGIS Web Services—GIS Services, SuperWebGIS including other server products—Server GIS, and SuperGIS GDE—Database gateway are the major solutions in server side products.


Any news on Supergeo GIS software category.  8)


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