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Garmin GPS to Arcview/Arcmap/GoogleEarth Utility


I came across this web page today, and thought you might be interested in this utility  ("DNRGarmin GPS Application")being offered free by the Minnesota (US) Department of Natural Resources.

--- Quote ---This extension was built to provide users the ability to directly transfer data between Garmin GPS handheld receivers and various GIS software packages. Using this program a user can use point features (graphics or shapefile) and upload them to the GPS as Waypoints. Line and Polygon Graphics or shapes can be uploaded to the GPS as Track Logs or Routes. Conversely, Waypoints, Track Logs, and Routes collected using the GPS can be transferred directly to ArcView/ArcMap/Google Earth/Landview and saved as Graphics or Shapefiles.  This program has a real-time tracking mode that allows users to follow their progress on the ground within an ArcView View Document, ArcMap Data Frame, or Landview Map. This real-time track log can be saved as either points or lines as a set of graphics or in a shapefile.
--- End quote ---

I haven't tried it yet, but if it offers seamless transfer to tracks and POIs from Garmin GPS units to ArcView, it may be worth trying out!

The link is:

Hi Hayamaguchi,

Yes, those extensions are great. You could just download all your waypoints and tracks straight into your ArcView 3.x or 9.x .

Many students are already using it here especially by the fact that it can convert all those above mentioned data into shapefiles and load them into your view (for AV3.x at least).


Ah, that's great!  I was worried that the default projections in the software are predominantly US-oriented, but I guess if you import them without projections, they default to geographic coordinates using WGS84 datum.

Hi Hayamaguchi,

Most of the software support conversions from WGS84 to RSO anyway. I think that it is not much of an issue then.  :-\


this extension was help me. Great sharing.

Thanks.. ;D


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