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I am looking for GPS to use with RSO, which one better Garmin ke Magellan? I want to use that with ArcGIS 9.2 .

Sila tolong saya, urgent sedikit.


In my Garmin eTred Vista HCx, the "Datums" field in the setup has "Kertau 1948" as an alternative datum to the standard WGS84.  I don't know if taking GPS readings using the the Kertau datum will help in transferring the X-Y points as an event layer to your RSO projection/coordinate system.  But at least the Garmins have the "Kertau" option in the Datums setting.  I hope this helps.

Hi again,

another way to do it is to convert the data through Mapsource. If you data is in WGS84 and you set Mapsource to Kertau 1948, then the software would make the conversion for you. In this case you won't have to set and re=set you GPS all the time.


Ah, yes, Mapsource!  I forgot about that!  :P

I guess the reply to MadzlanH is that Garmin is probably a good choice, as long as he uses the GPSMap series (76csx or 60 csx), the Vista eTrex series, or the newer (and more expensive) Colorado and Oregon series.

Hi Hayamaguchi,

Well the first Garmin I used was about 6 years ago. It was a 12XL that I was connecting to ArcPad installed on a PDA.

My choice was for the following 2 reasons:

1. The price



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