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Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) and ArcGIS Interoperability extension

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I have read about the article of the 'Subject'.

May I ask for more explanation on FME ? I know it was not a product from ESRI.

Is it an extension of ArcGIS ? and is it compatible with ArcGIS 9.2?

Can i get some example of documentation on how this application is used from the internet? (suggested link)


FME aka Feature Manipulation Engine is a product developed by Safe Software; a Canadian company. The same company that has developed the universal translator for MapInfo and also the Interoperability Extension for ArcGIS.

The main purpose of the software was to convert data from several formats to several formats. Now FME supports more than 180 formats inclusive of GIS, CAD, RDBMS and also images.

Safe's software FME also allows to manipulate data to perform operations such as building polygons, trimming lines, extending lines, converting 2D data to 3D ...etc .

For more information about this product, please log on to .

I hope you would find this information useful.  ;D


Thank you for your information.

If i am a student, how can I have the trial for FME ? ;)


Safe Software can give you a one year license grant. Please go to, get the latest FME and i will arrange for a license for you. Just p.m me the code once you are done.



Thank you so much, I will download the software today and try looking for the code.

Once get the code, I will post it to you.

Thanks again. Nice to post a questions or problems to you, the answer was quickly. Good ;D


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